Monday, November 21, 2016

Job Search at the Holidays or Take a Break?
~ The holidays certainly present opportunities to network. 50% of jobs come through our network - neighbor in line at grocery store; cousin at family dinner; partner of a co-worker at holiday party. So, be prepared to describe what you do (to get more business) or what you are looking for (in a target job). Your description should be short and engaging and you should sound enthusiastic. I coach others to do this all the time but struggle myself. We will all benefit by practicing with a friend, family member or colleague. You might think of your tag line on LinkedIn and start building your short work story from there.

Now, what about job search at the holidays? Well, when I was a hiring manager, I interviewed and hired for two new reqs, the week before the holiday shutdown. I started a job the week after New Year's. One of the reasons for this stimulus in hiring is that companies get budgets approved at the start of the new calendar year (which in most cases is the start of their fiscal year). Sound like a reason to continue your search through the holidays?  

If not convinced, here's another reason for you. Many people take a break from their search at the holidays. So, your competition drops off a bit. I look at it this way: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And, earlier this week, Glass Door published this article: 17 Awesome Companies Hiring Before the New Year by

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Wishing you much success and I'm here to be a resource and answer questions.
Happy Thanksgiving!  
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