Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Design Your Direction combines one’s most innate talents, experience, and interests resulting in the start of an exciting career journey.

The services of Design Your Direction will engage you where you are, awake any dormant strengths or passions and provide you with the coaching support you need. Research shows us that each person is unique. Your process for achieving your career goals and success is also unique. Given the right resources, support and guidance, you have the ability to attain your goals. Design Your Direction is in the business of helping you, or your organization, reach success through a strategy and focus that works best for you, or your team.

Contact Marianne
to begin your career direction engagement. She will assist you in attaining your next job, thriving in your career role or reaching your next career destination. She is also available to work with teams for identifying strengths and maximizing potential. The result of designing your direction is greater meaning and satisfaction in your life and the life of your organization.