Sunday, November 18, 2012

‎~ One of the "BEST PLACES TO WORK" has 2 new openings ~

Silicon Valley COMPENSATION PROFESSIONALS: I'm working on a project with Lewis Partners, LLC. for one of the "Best Places to Work." There are 2 openings.

~~~Comp Analyst, Exec Comp~~

~~~ Comp Analyst, General Comp~~

PLEASE REFER your colleagues ~ OR 408-295-6656

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Networking into the Holiday Season

This past weekend, I attended a Blues concert at Villa Montalvo that brought Chicago Blues artists and local Silicon Valley musicians together. It was an evening in tribute to blues legends who have passed in the last year. JC Smith, on the west coast, pulled Eddie Shaw, Kenny "Big Eyes" Smith, and Vaan Shaw together from Chicago. See the connections! We all have them but don't always look for them.

The connections between the musicians on stage, and their network that brought them together, is pretty amazing as you can see. They are able to get the right talent together anywhere in the world, and pretty darn quickly too. 

We have a lot to learn from our musicians. Networking is one of the most productive ways to get things done in our career. As we enter this holiday season, it's a great time to connect. Just relax, have fun with it, and do it in your own style. Take some risks, challenge yourself, but it's right there for you to leverage. THERE WILL BE MORE NETWORKING TIPS for you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I leave you with a finale picture from the show. ~COURTESY OF ROSALINDA CARRILLO.             Marianne 
Picture below  left to right standing: JC Smth, Kenny "Big Eyes' Smith, Eddie Show, Ladee Chico, Vaan Shaw.