Monday, June 25, 2012

Career Tip of the Week: What's Your "Differentiator" that Sets You Apart? 

Last week you thought about your unique brand. It's important to know and believe in what "sets you apart" in your work. A team of people may have the same job title but each one goes about their job differently and brings unique value to their work. Someone ' always overcomes barriers'. Another is the 'tech guru'. A third is an 'innovator'. If you hear the following brand descriptions, who comes to mind : pioneering "evangelist" at Apple, venture capitalist, tech entrepreneur, author, in-demand speaker, social-network maven. Find out:

Have a great week~ Marianne 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Career Tip of the Week: Know What Sets You Apart for Your Career Branding

2 years ago, a Career Forum took place in SV at UCSC Extension. We drew 300 people and the main event was using Social Medial to advance your career. This is all part of branding and it remains one of the most important aspects for you and your career today. Knowing what sets you apart and how to brand that on your resume, during interviews, with your manager and team, is crucial to your career success. And, let's face it, we all have a brand, planned or unplanned. It's how people view us. So let's make it effective for career development and your success!      ~ Marianne
The world of social media and branding yourself has grown exponentially since that delivery by William Uranga now Director of Recruiting at Ooyala; Alex Plant, Social Media at Service Source, and Chris Marshall, Sr. Director Brand Marketing at NetApp.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lay a Good Foundation: The work up front will pay off for you!


Why do people choose a career coach in mid-career? Often, it's because the work of self-knowledge through assessments was never done earlier in one's career.Or, it's time to design a new direction. We are told that we will have 3-6 careers in a lifetime and the work within those roles is more and more fluid and changing all the time. 


As you consider a new launch or redirection, take time to assess what fits you the most - work content, environment, industry, all of it. Do you want to be creative, make a contribution and help others in a non-profit environment or would you be more engaged as a technical innovator in a larger, corporate setting where the product makes an impact because it's used for saving people's lives? Also, think about the people whom you want to be doing the work along side. 


If you need help thinking through the area of Self-Knowledge, which is the foundational platform to a successful change, there are many great websites. Here's one for the Jung Typology Test There is a wonderful tool, the Values Driven Work Inventory,  that I have used with clients for years to see where ideal fit comes together for them. And, here's a simple exercise: Notice over the next 3 days those periods when you are so engaged in your work that you lose track of time. Take note at both work and home. What are you doing? What does it involve? The clues are all around you and there are ways to reflect and build upon those insights. If you need a sounding board, I'm here. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. Marianne