Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Madness and Career Dreams

March Madness and Dreams: I was so struck by all the raw emotion of both winners and losers, coaches and players, in the March Madness series. Dreams and talents played out on those basketball courts. Emotions were felt and observed as the games played out. I think of the emotions we have when pursuing our career and life dreams. We have a talent or talents that bring so much satisfaction when used. Depending on circumstances, and sometimes with sacrifice made, some of us use our talents full time, and others of us in our spare time, or at a particular season in life.

There are emotions felt when making these important decisions. It can be an emotional process. Our process should include a list of criteria or preferences that we'd like to have met in order to satisfy our career pursuits. Use of a particular skill set, living in another country, helping others, flexibility of schedule, saving for retirement, might be on the list, as examples. For me, I sacrificed regular weekly paychecks to live out my passion of coaching others in pursuit of their dreams or career goals. I love what I do but it came at a price, giving up something on my overall criteria list - a regular salary. I'm somewhat of an entrepreneur so that item was also fulfilled.

We can make our decision to move forward when a decision meets most items on the list. How many criteria items need to be met will vary for each of us. We may decide to sacrifice one or two in order to fulfill the most important one or two on our list.  Whether it's a long or shorter list, doing the analysis will help us move in the direction right for our life/career at any particular time. But, it's important to assess along the way. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate our list.  If so, bring out that criteria list. Have some criteria changed? What is important for our career engagement today, future plans, use of our talents, family situation, etc.? Make adjustments, weigh options, seek wise council to make changes. Whether you lead with your heart or your head, lead with what is important for you at each season in your life. And, make it a "winning" plan for you.

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Wishing you much success and I'm here to be a resource and answer questions.
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