Wednesday, March 9, 2016

 Engaging Your Hiring Audience: Writing an Effective
Professional Resume Summary

The Professional Summary is an excellent way to grab the eye and interest of hiring managers There is great advice on the internet about writing a Professional Summary for your resume. You will find information about including your outstanding skills and past experience that stands out, pertinent to the job at hand, and being succinct and targeted. I've also included the following tips for you:
  • Include numbers and specifics - years of experience, size of teams managed, company annual sales, team or individual awards, themes throughout your career, and names of customers impacted are just a few examples. Including these will increase the impact that your summary content will have ion the reader. And, the use of DIGITS (numbers) draws in the reader's eye and so your content is much more likely to be read. 
  • Strengths and abilities are often included in a summary but it's important to make this specific not general. Excellent communication could be anyone. Strong communication to technical or C-Level audiences is specific and stands out. 
  • If using paragraph form only, make it short - 3 sentences is good. If your summary is longer, consider integrating a small space of separation that divides the summary into two small paragraphs. 
  • Bullets draw the reader's eye in, so you might use a combination of sentences and bullets. You might start off with one or two lead in sentences followed by three bullets.
  • Highlight an achievement that will also be in your experience section. It's OK to highlight a success in two sections of your resume. That's good marketing practice.
A well written, targeted summary will grab the reader so that she or he wants to read on, into your experience section. When that happens, the summary has fulfilled it's marketing purpose.
I've included an internet blog article link. Add the tips above and you will be on your way.

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