Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Updates on Linkedin

This Tuesday I have a real live example, my own, of something very important to remember when making edits on Linkedin. I always coach my clients to turn off their broadcast settings when they are making changes and tweeking their Linkedin Profile. Last week, I was coaching a client and showing her how to add logos for each of her companies of employment. I was so intent on the "how to" that I forgot to turn off my broadcast settings - activity controls. (For instructions see end of this blog.)

This past week, many people, some close contacts and some more distant connections, have been reaching out through Linkedin and emails to congratulate me on my new position. Of course, there is no new position but because I added a company logo, it sent out a change notice that indicates I have changed jobs. There are times when you want your connections to receive notification about you - a link you are sharing, your blog update, a company you are following, and, yes, when you do land a new position. However, for me, this was not one of those instances.

So, advice to self and readers, remember to always turn off your activity settings before you start your Profile edits. Then, turn it back on so that any blog, links, or good news updates are shared through your activity feed with your connections. This is when you do want to get "noticed".

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Instructions for turning on/off your activity settings on Linkedin.
  1. Go to upper right hand corner and find drop down menu from your photo.
  2. Click on privacy and settings.
  3. The page that appears will have a heading Privacy Controls and directly under it "turn on/off your activity broadcasts". Click on this.
  4. You will go to a screen that looks like screen shot below* and have the option to turn off your activity settings by removing the check in the box in front of "Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies." 
  5. Remember to click on save.
  6. You may turn the settings back on by checking the same box when you have completed your Profile edits.

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