Friday, January 31, 2014

Celebrate the New Year: Create Your Vision

How do you prepare for the new year personally and professionally? How do you make a new start? And, what if the prior year has just been really, really tough in one or both areas of your life. What now?

I started out "anew" by creating my vision board for 2014. In fact, I created two this year. In the last few years, my vision boards have almost "frighteningly" come true. I have always known that if I write down a goal to accomplish, just the act of writing it down manifests it into being reached. Try it. It does work. Over these past few years, I have come into the additional belief that creating visuals of my goals or even just my passions, interests, and ideas, puts them into action and brings about amazing results.

This year followed a rough year in some personal areas of my life. So, I wasn't quite sure what a new vision board would bring about. I was a little bit hesitant even about the process this year. I attended a Vision Board workshop led  by a wonderful facilitator,  B.J. King, The first part of the workshop involved meditation exercises followed by reflection and writing. Then, we moved into the creation of our vision boards using pictures and more. The process is uniquely wonderful for each person. I walked away with not one but two boards this year, as I mentioned earlier.

If you haven't set any goals yet, try this approach. You may find that you arrive in some unexpected places in 2014 that are just what you created in your visual goal setting. And, if you are not ready for this process, or it doesn't feel like "your thing", I highly recommend writing down at least one goal or idea that you want to bring into fruition. Then, go off and have a great 2014!

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For additional information on vision boards, I recommend B.J. King referenced above. 
You can find B.J. on linkedin. I'd be glad to make an introduction. And, another wonderful colleague of mine, is Donnalynn Chase. Check out her website:

~ Have a wonderful 2014 and I wish you a Happy New Year on this first day of celebration for the year of the horse.  ~

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