Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Follow Up & Follow Through

A silly cartoon caught my attention last week.  Here it is below ~

Now, admittedly, it's pretty darn corny. But somehow the colors and the command to do something right now caught my eye. It made me think about how often we may procrastinate on getting back to someone, instead of doing it right now. 

In this season of extra networking with holiday events coming up, year end parties, and just general meet up times, we have the opportunity to greet and often later re-connect with people. Sometimes they give us resources, meet us for coffee, or make beneficial introductions for us. This is a reminder to myself, to all of us, to follow up and let  people know what comes of those resources, ideas, connections, etc. People like to be thanked and kept informed. It's common courtesy. It's a way to stay connected.

So, remember to let others know how a resource given to us, or an introduction made, helped us out. And, it's never too late in my opinion. If someone comes to mind as you read this, get on your email or phone and connect. Say thank you and let him or her know how you were helped out. Do it "right now"!
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Have a great week and watch for more career success stories coming up soon.

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