Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Advice: Take Your 1st Step ~ It will feel good! 

As you ponder your New Year's resolutions, or whether you should even make any, you will think of your career. Here is advice for you - take one of the following steps
  • Update your resume: If you haven't updated your resume this year, do it now. You will feel proud as you think of all you have accomplished. And, it will build you up your self-esteem. Focus on the areas of strength that matter to you. As a career coach for over 15 years, I'm glad to assist you.
  •  Take an assessment: If you need to make a move or find a job, and you don't know which direction to design for yourself, start with an assessment. Assessments give you new information that may be added to your resume or brought out in an interview. This information will give you data points for analyzing new directions. Below are some assessment ideas to try:  
    • Values Inventory to find out what environment, people and work are your best fit. Values Driven Work is my favorite and I can make it available for you.
    •  Personality Type to find out your style and apply that information to career direction. Here's a great, free site:
    • CPP's Strong Interest Inventory to find out your interest areas. This assessment has been around for decades. I'm certified in the Strong. I can give you online access and, in a 1-hour appointment, we go through your results and relevant career information.
    • Strengths evaluation is eye opening and confidence building. The Gallup Poll's work in "StrengthsFinder 2.0" is the perfect book for this. You can purchase the book in your local store or online. The online test code is given in the back of the book. 
I'm here to coach you through any aspect you'd like including having your best resume ever this year. WISHING YOU THE BEST IN 2013!                              Marianne      ~

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