Thursday, December 13, 2012

 End of Year Advice: Shake Things Up This Holiday Season

My advice to you for your career this holiday is to take a chance, help someone else, make music, play, shake it up in a new way. I learned years ago from the work of William Bridges, internationally renowned change expert and one of our top 10 exec consultants, that integrating our creative outlets, into the mix of any change, develops a synergy that supports our new direction and goals - even when we aren't quite certain what they are. Bridges tells us: "The true beginnings begin within us, even if provoked by external opportunities." So, allow yourself to be provoked by something or someone around you. Start now - shake things up by doing something new or something you love to do and haven't done for awhile. Give it as the gift to yourself this holiday! I know that I'm going to be sitting back down at my drum set. And, I will wait to see what change the New Year brings.     ~  All the best at this season,   Marianne  
Watch this video to get inspired to begin now 
Tom Shadyac and his students PLAY IT / PAY IT FORWARD.

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