Friday, January 4, 2013

NEW YEAR'S CAREER ADVICE: Take a Step Towards Your Interests & Passion!

This holiday a dear friend gave me the most beautiful silver necklace. It holds a helix strand with the following words by Rumi: "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." This comes at at time when this friend and I have been moving towards new areas in our career lives. Our entire lives are being powerfully affected. We talk about how frightening taking these steps can be for us. Recently, I heard that the fear we sometimes feel before we lead an important meeting, give a talk, or make a speech is really excitement. We have an underlying anticipation of what is to come. When we get in touch with those feelings, we are able to be more powerful and centered as we speak. 

I think the same is true for some of the moves we make in our career. We all know that fear of taking a next step or new direction. What if we now thought of that feeling of being scarred or nervous as a sign of anticipation and excitement. Then, we could try to leverage that energy to move us forward. 
So, this year look upon your career movement as positive and build momentum around it. Always pay attention to your instincts, stay true to who you are, and seek out people for support and guidance. In 2013, you might find that you have some exciting results when you take a step, even if it's scary, towards your interests & passion!

I wish you a great start to 2013!    Marianne

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