Saturday, September 22, 2012

Career Tip for Week 3 in Sept: Leverage Your Brand

 Last week, I asked you to think of unique areas of strength/talents that you bring to the world of work. It might be your ability to think quickly on your feet in a crisis, problem solve for the best solution or analyze data to determine the best approach and strategy. It may be that you motivate or help others in particular ways such as coaching, teaching or healing. 

This week is the beginning of branding yourself. My suggestion on "branding" yourself is to come up with a simple way to let someone know about you.  Two of my nephews are known for "remaining calm and rallying others in a crisis" so that everyone is safe. One is in the military and the other is a fire fighter.  My brother has a "charismatic stage presence" that draws most people in right away. That's great because he's a musician.

To develop my brand,  I had to spend time reflecting and trying on the ideas for size. Now, I am able to talk about, and give examples of, the ways that I connect people to career resources or to other individuals for information gathering.  I also connect people to personal insights for career development.

The 49ers were the most successful and visible franchise from 1980 through the first part of the new century.And, then things didn't go so well and there was a conscious effort to rebuild their brand. It even included the change of "uniforms back to... a timeless look with a historical presence." (

What is your brand? Begin to create it for yourself. I leave you with a symbol to think of when building your brand. It's a picture of the in process building of the new 49er stadium (Sept, '12)

Have a great weekend! ~ Marianne

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