Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Career Tip for Week 2 in Sept: Leverage Your Uniqueness

This week, I want you to think of what 3 things (they can be qualities, skills, background/experience) you'd want to share with someone who was going to hire you, promote you, give you the chance to work on an exciting new project or enter into a new field. And, imagine that this person will only be able to find out those 3 things about you. What would you tell that person? As you think of your "3", ask yourself what happens because of each one. Example 1: You learn quickly. What happens is that you add value quickly and often become the "go to person" because of your expertise. Example 2: You are passionate. How that plays out is that people around you become motivated to be the best and attain their goals. Example 3: You are good in a crisis. You come up with solutions and plans quickly when unanticipated problems arise.

If this is a difficult exercise for you, choose a partner and be a listener and sounding board for one another. (be sure and take notes) Your next step will be to leverage the 3 areas of your uniqueness for career branding, resume, interviews, etc. Find out more next week.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend! ~ Marianne 

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