Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Connections on Linkedin: 
Take Time to be Effective
I receive several requests every week to connect with others on Linkedin. Due to my work as a career counselor and former role as a staffing consultant, I have over 1500 direct connections. There is no "right way" to determine who will be a new connection. But, for me, before I accept a connection,  I like to know the person on some level and be able to speak about our connection if ever asked by others.

Now, for months something else has weighed on me. I get many people who click on the button to connect and I receive their message: "I'd like to connect with you." I have no idea who the person is and why they'd like to connect. Well, the obvious - to expand their connections. Taking the time to express who you are and why you are reaching out,  goes a long way to displaying professionalism.  Including information on how we know each other - worked together, a colleague in common, met in a class - is effective. Even if I am not able to connect, due to my parameters, I am forming a positive impression when I receive that inmail. And, you never know how an interction, even a brief email on Linkedin, may create an opportunity in the future.

So, please, don't send me a request unless you expand upon it and take the time to be effective when networking with me and others through Linkedin.

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Wishing you much networking success and I'm here to be a resource and answer questions.

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