Saturday, July 25, 2015

Should Salary Information be Shared?

Sharing Salary Information with Peers: In the last week, it has come out that a former Google employee had created a spread sheet, in "Googledocs" of course, that allowed colleagues to share their salaries. People even began to enter their bonus information. I have taught salary negotiations, was a hiring manager, and now coach individuals on salary negotiating. l learned from a wonderful HR friend, always assume that salaries will be shared by peers. Therefore, when I brought in someone new on the team, or prepared for raises, I wanted to be able to explain the logic behind the salary base so that if everyone were to know their peers' salary information, things would be seen as fair. For instance, everyone knows who the high performer is and that person would typically be higher than many in the range.  Someone newer in the profession, unless bringing in a really unique specialty, would be a little lower in starting base, than peers.

So, this open spreadsheet concept tested the waters for Google. I'm not certain how it will all play out. I'm someone who loves compensation theory. And, yes, there is an art to establishing company ranges and compensation philosophy. HR professionals who have a love of numbers and the psychology and strategy behind them, when applied to a company's pay structure, devote entire career lives to this profession. In fact, here's our local SV Comp Association >>>>>

So, I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Like many others, I'm staying tuned!

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