Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TUESDAY TIPS: Make Yours a "Killer" Resume

This month is all about resumes. Your resume is your marketing collateral that gets you in front of the hiring manager. Research is telling us that networking and linkedin are still the 2 largest means (very high percentages by the way) that people are getting in the door. Once you're in, your resume will show what sets you apart and why they want to hire you and what skills and background you will contribute. Also, once you have a "killer" resume so to speak, you have already built the foundation for your interview prep.

So, to make it a killer resume you want to have your resume visually appealing so that the reader wants to read up on you in the content of the resume. Important to remember:
  1. Have a nice border but not too much white space. Too much white space looks like you didn't have enough to write about yourself.
  2. Put the dates on the right hand side of your resume so that you aren't wasting white space and so you lead with your resume advantage/s which are typically known companies where you've worked, progression of titles you've held, etc. (If you don't know how to think this through, it's time to confer with a career counselor.)
  3. Have just the right amount of spacing to set your sections apart and use nice headings and font sizes for your name and  titles for each section. I recommend the use of a font without a serif for your name and section headings and a serif font for the content (see the last two blogs).
  4. Always have contact information on the second page and it's nice to have page numbers in the header area, too.
  5. Keep it to two pages. Remember when writing your bullets and overall content "less is more for impact."

Have a good week and enjoy the process of writing or updating your resume.
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