Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TUESDAY TIPS: Begin With the End in Mind

There are many things that will make your resume a very marketable document in your job search or  career transition. Last week, the type of font to use was emphasized. Using a font with a serif (see last Tuesday's blog if you need more information on that) makes a difference for reader engagement. Book Antigua, Times and Times New Roman were mentioned. Another good font to consider using adding to your list is Georgia. This tip came from an author.

For today's tip, I'm going to make certain you all know how important it is to use your full name in the document title. As a former recruiter there is nothing worse than trying to quickly bring up someone's email and you can't because that person uses a fancy or unique email address that doesn't include the name. Take it from me, if you don't have a simple email with your name, create a gmail account just for that purpose. And, to further assist the hiring managers and recruiters, always include your contact information in each email. Make it very quick and easy for the person trying to find you, able to contact you.  

Continue to evolve your resume with the tips given each week. There will be more next Tuesday. Good luck and enjoy the process!  

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