Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review, Renew, and Refurbish

Several years ago, I read that September was the busiest month of the year for events, trade shows, major workshops and more. Perhaps we never lose the sense of going back to school in the Fall and wanting to be learning and expanding ourselves.

With that in mind, it's a good time to "Review" ourselves and our careers. If you are feeling "blah" about your job or know that some aspects aren't working for you, take a look at your career priorities, Do you want more flexibility at work? Perhaps, you are hoping for a new project  that will engage you and challenge you. Lately, have you been thinking of starting your own business, or changing industries or professions? This is your "Review" time. List all the priorities you need to be most satisfied in the work that you do. Then, weight each one's level of importance to you. Your priorities may have changed and it's important to understand that. Your new list will give you an objective view of how your job is currently meeting your work life criteria. If it is, celebrate! If not, continue down the path of change and make a career adjustment.

Next, take time to "Renew" yourself. Sign up for a class that will expand your technical knowledge or increase your effectiveness at work. Find out how to start your own business. See a career counselor to support career change. Read a book that will help you evaluate your career interests, talents, skills and goals. Here's a link to the top 10 books to assist with career change that I highly recommend.
Also, doing something creative or fun or  taking a day off or a drive through the mountains are all ways of renewing and gaining a new perspective that will help guide you through this process.

Thirdly, "Refurbish" your resume. Even if you don't know your exact next target, you can create a resume template that you can build on later.  Creating or refurbishing your resume is a very positive experience. You focus on what talents and strengths you have and the accomplishments about which you are most proud. Working on your resume with a career counselor will build your confidence and help steer your professional direction whether it's down the same path or a completely new one.
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