Friday, March 14, 2014

March 27th 8-10am, free event
"Talk Your Way into the C-Suite": Learn how to quickly capture top leaders' attention and gain their support
We hear more and more about understanding HR's value to the Business and making the business case.  Now, it's time to put this into action and communicate with impact to Senior Leaders. Join us at UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley on Thursday, March 27th, 8-10am, to hear from Rick Gilbert, Ph.D. and Founder of PowerSpeaking,
Learn the proven secrets of powerful executive presentations including:
·         Making your first line your bottom line
·         Using appropriate delivery style
·         Reducing or eliminating PPT
·         Improv: Being flexible
·         Managing the 7 “Deadly Challenges.”
By the time you leave, you will understand the importance of practicing these rules for your career success and the success of your HR team.
Frederick Gilbert is the founder of PowerSpeaking, Inc., a speech communication training company in Redwood City. Prior to this he held Quality and Communication roles in High Tech. Rick's coaching  of over 200 senior-level executives led to the creation of the award winning  Speaking Up: Presenting to Executives.  The program won The 2004 Best Buys by Training Magazine, was recommended by Fortune Magazine, and won the Brandon Hall “Excellence in Learning” award for 2011. It features video interviews with 21 C-level executives about how to present effectively at top-level meetings. His book, “Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations” was published by Berrett-Koehler in April, 2013.
This event is sponsored by:
Executive Search Firm, Lewis Partners, LLC,
Career Coaching & Training, Design Your Direction
UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley.

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