Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TUESDAY TIPS: Job Search at the Holidays

Over the years, I often hear clients, who are in job search mode, say that they will cease job search and start up again after the holidays. They note the reason as being everything slows down. I happen to have a bias that, in a good economy, this is a great time to continue or even start a job search. I myself have hired over the holidays for starts at the first of the calendar year. I started a new job in the first half of January one time. Here are some additional thoughts on why to keep the momentum of your job search going for the rest of this year: 

  1. The competition (all those people who say they will start up after the first of the year) drops off.
  2. There are job requisitions that have to be filled before year end and job reqs get approved for new year hiring.
  3. There's a lot of networking to be done at the holidays and that's great because 50% of jobs come through your network.
So, keep your plan in place. Beef up your networking if you are at any holiday events, professional ones and even those in your neighborhood. You never know from where your next job lead will come.

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Have a good Halloween. Stay safe! Have fun! And, expand your network while you are at it.

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