Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Ask for Help. It Works!

Why are some of us afraid to ask for help and/or admit we don't know the answer or how to do something? I'm one of those people. I'm known as a knowledge expert in my field. I'm always giving resources and guidance to others for their successful job search, career advancement or change. However, I often don't ask others when I need advice or help. Why? For me, my EGO gets in the way. I should know the answer already. Or, my fear of asking arises. And, sometimes it's a self-esteem issue, left over from early childhood days.

This month we are looking at how to network. Well, networking is about giving and receiving help. And, almost everyone likes being asked to give assistance often because they get to share expertise in an area that they love and want to discuss. So, I'm going to give us all a goal for this week. Ask one person for help related to your job search or career. Notice, not only what results you get, but how it feels. Take notes. I'm going to do the same and report back.

Good luck and have a great week!
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