Friday, January 6, 2012

Advice for Job Search and Transition in the New Year

This past year, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the US delivering workshops to sales and marketing teams for Genentech. I continue, also, to coach many professionals, all levels, in a broad range of professions and industries. As I reflect back over what advice seems to be of high priority when looking for a job change, it is to network. Now, many of us get turned off by that term. We think it means that we have to change our personality to meet everyone possible wherever we go so that we can find our new opportunity.

A better way to think of this process is that anyone we are talking to can be a resource and an interesting new connection. And, one method that we can all apply to expand our network is the process of Informational Interviewing. This is setting up time with someone we know, or to whom someone else refers us, to conduct a brief meeting (preferably in person but can be done over the phone) to find out all about a role, company, industry, etc. And, guess what? At the end of this time, we have just added another person to our network of contacts.

So, commit to doing 2-3 informational interviews this month. Let me know how it goes. And, contact me if you'd like a copy of my informational Interview handout.  

ALL THE BEST TO YOU AS YOU START YOUR 2012!!                 Marianne

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  1. i have always enjoyed information interviewing! people love to talk about themselves and their work - so it is a super way to have fun and - get a job. it is all about our network . . .